Monday, 3 September 2012

Ring o Fire

I'd entered the Ring O Fire in Early Spring on a whim but after the L100 DNF it took on a new significance. I had one sole and clear objective and that was to NEVER GIVE UP. I didn't feel like training and I only did one 3 mile run between the L100 and the RoF. I printed out the maps (over 30 pages) studied the route and set off feeling confident and determined that I was not going to DNF volenterily.

It's an amazing route, event and team of organisers. Starting off fully committed made such a difference not just to the outcome but to my enjoyment. Time after time I found myself living right in the moment with no need to think of what was to come beyond running round each bit of coast I could see. Slow and steady saw me through but with the long day being 64 miles I knew I didn't have time to walk much of it. I super event which has sleep planned into it, ice-cream vans and wonderful coastal seascapes. Thank you so much to Bing, Q, Rich, all the marshals, supporters and other runners.

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