Friday, 9 December 2011

The Field - Early years

We bought the field in 2007. It's ten minutes walk from our house. Time takes on a different cadence there - one that suits us well.

Mazie and Angela
Jazz looking tough and slightly muddy
I hung the ice from the water butts on our bird table a la Andy Goldsworthy
Me by the well. Angela took this looking through the whole in the ice.
Leaning on Jazz. About as close as we get to riding him. He's a cold-backed ex-race horse: If you get on him it can be a brief rodeo experience. We've done lots with him. When we get more time we'll work on him some more. He's a great character - much better company than a lawn mower!
Riding Mazie.
Groundwork for the polytunnel
Putting up the polytunnel.
Digging the "well". It fills from the polytunnel drain which gives us enough for the horses and to water the tunnels.
More happy days digging.

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